Pre-conference Session    CCS323588
Millennial Myths Debunked: Overcoming Generational Biases and Embracing Diversity
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The definition of what is traditional and normal in construction is dynamically changing—and for the better. Learn how our current generational biases are holding our organizations back. The diversity in construction across age, race, and gender is enriching the industry. While these can be viewed as barriers that create friction, this forward-thinking talk highlights the importance of diversity in its many forms. Working, nurturing, and managing groups of people with different backgrounds and perspectives foster diversity of thoughts that can lead to transformative and innovative changes in your organization. In an industry known to question the ROI of any strategic initiative, the speaker will explain the value of communication, respect, and bridging the generational, gender, and racial gap to influence your company’s culture and effectiveness.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to create a checklist of characteristics and instances of generational biases
  • Learn how to create the foundation of diversity and inclusion programs for your organization
  • Realize the value of developing mentoring, diversity, and inclusion programs for reciprocal sharing and strategy building
  • Explore real-world case studies on overcoming generational biases and adopting inclusion programs to transforming companies




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