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Managing and Resolving Challenges of Early Construction Site Planning using BIM

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    We as a General Contractor face various complex combinatorial challenges in the early construction phase, which is called as a construction site planning. These challenges occur due to: it requires a large number of decisions: an arrangement of temporary facilities; operations and management of materials and heavy equipment; and a plan of early construction work. This class will cover what we, Hyundai Engineering and Construction, have done to overcome these challenges by identifying and articulating factors that we need to consider and developing our own Revit add-on program to provide a computational support for the better decision making of construction site planning. Also, we will describe and analyze several case studies, demonstrating how we utilizes our program to create better construction site plans, to improve our work productivity and to remove construction risks.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how we can make better construction site plans using BIM and computational supports
    • Learn how we have changed our work process and prepared digital transition
    • Learn how we have developed/utilized our own Revit Add-in program for better work productivity and risk management.
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