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Managing Space, Assets, and Maintenance through BIM to FM

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    Building owners want to take rich data collected from BIM and put it directly to work managing space, assets, and maintenance. AEC professionals want to deliver their carefully-developed BIM data in a form that is immediately useful for building operations. Yet discussions around commissioning this information for lifecycle use can sound complex and daunting. This session demystifies BIM Execution Planning for the most important “BIM to FM” use cases – namely managing space and maintenance. The session walks through real world workflows, entities and object properties needed for professional facilities management. Demonstration sequences illustrate how to extend the usability of AutoCAD drawings and Revit models designed for construction, to easily flow hundreds of spaces and assets to FM management software, and begin getting immediate results.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify the main benefits of leveraging the immense BIM design and construction data in operations.
    • Learn the key elements in a BIM Execution Plan needed for space, assets, and maintenance management.
    • Leverage operations data from FM to inform future planning, design and construction projects.
    • Apply BIM to FM workflows to seamlessly integrate space & asset data from Revit to FM for operations.