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Lighting—the Key for Photorealistic Rendering

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    Lighting is often viewed as one of the most complex topics in 3D rendering. Lights are technically simple to use, but without the theory behind, one might feel lost. In this class, attendees will learn basic techniques that will help them achieve well-balanced and photorealistic-looking renders. Attendees will receive point-to-point guidance that will help with the lighting process of any scene. Building on last year’s presentation, the speaker will provide a quick summary of the previously explored topics, including the concept of light hierarchy. Furthermore, attendees will learn how to balance the exposure of a scene that has both interior and exterior lighting. To help understand common lighting mistakes, the class will analyze a couple of badly lit scenes, find errors, and learn how to fix them. At the end of the class, attendees should be able to improve their lighting skills by applying these basic concepts, and achieve photorealistic renderings. This session features 3ds Max.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the basic concept of light behavior and learn how to use simple light hierarchies
    • Learn how to analyze the lighting of real images and how to translate it to a 3D scene
    • Learn how to fix a flat lighting scene with Photoshop
    • Learn how to balance scene exposure and background for high-contrast settings