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Using Storytelling to Create Compelling Experiences with 3ds Max

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    3ds Max Design software is a great tool for generating high quality visuals, but today's audience expects more. This class introduces the art of storytelling as a means to create compelling experiences that communicate (and sell) design intent and meaning. In our increasingly competitive and visually-oriented society, sophisticated presentations are more important than ever before. Learn how to reconcile the persuasive goals of a presentation with the indulgent demands of the modern audience. Starting with an understanding of the language and repertoire of storytelling techniques, this class guides you through a basic knowledge of rendering and animation features to more complex workflows with characters and real-time ready assets within a narrative framework. Discover the storytelling secrets of Hollywood and Madison Avenue to sell your designs using 3ds Max Design.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe the elements of a narrative framework and storytelling fundamentals
    • Explain how storytelling can be used to sell your designs
    • Use tips and tricks for importing CAD models, adding context, and bringing your scene to life
    • Use lighting, cameras, materials, movement, and other cinematography techniques to make compelling presentations