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Effective Techniques for Animating Inventor Software Assemblies Using 3ds Max Design Software

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    Inventor software is a great tool for building complex mechanical assemblies, and 3ds Max Design software is a great tool for generating visually striking rendered animations. This class will fuse the 2 software programs and cover topics related to the animation of Inventor software assemblies using 3ds Max 2015 software. Designers will learn how to import an Inventor software assembly that is going to be used for animation in 3ds Max software. They will learn strategies for building a hierarchy based on the animation requirements for the imported models. The class will step through the process of creating keyframe animation of specific moveable parts. Finally, attendees will learn about the tools that are available for editing keyframes and tweaking the overall look and timing of the animation. To complete the process, attendees will learn how to use the Quicksilver hardware renderer to configure and render an image sequence for final output.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to import an Inventor software model from within 3ds Max Design 2015 software
    • Learn how to create a hierarchical structure suitable for animating
    • Learn how to animate using keyframe animation, and learn how to edit the keyframes to modify the animation
    • Learn how to render the animated sequence using the Quicksilver hardware renderer