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Light as a Cloud: Is over-modeling dragging down your BIM 360 project?

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    Have you ever had a project that loads painfully slow? Have you ever received over-designed models from vendors that had an LOD greater than the agreed upon contract? Everything adds up, and though the sky is the limit, there are limits on time, money, and capacity of the Cloud. This discussion is centered around how we can make BIM 360 work for large-scale construction projects. It explores best practices and tools to work efficiently. It is a place for Project & BIM/VDC Managers to share ideas on managing vendors, subs, and all contributors to the project. We will review many solutions, from adjusting contract language all the way to custom API solutions. This class includes both classic BIM 360 and Next-Gen best practices. Though intended for management-level AEC professionals, all BIM contributors are welcome, provided they are experienced in basic workflows and processes.

    Key Learnings

    • Manage vendors & subs LOD per the contract, saving time and money for everyone
    • Understand the aspects of a project that over-burden the system and how mitigate them.
    • Work smart, not hard! Take away some best practices in model only the necessary
    • Effectively communicate the importance of a clean, lightweight models.