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Libraries: The Foundation of Electromechanical Workflow

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    The challenge that all electronic designers encounter is acquiring or building components that will be used in their products. The added variant to this already elaborate process is building or generating 3D models that need to be associated for effective mechanical modeling. For this presentation, we will be showing techniques used to build electronic component footprints with associated 3D models. We will also teach you how to create 3D models of electronic components using Fusion 360 software.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to associate and create 3D models of electronic footprints to effectively build the foundation for an electromechanical workflow with Fusion 360
    • Gain techniques to create 3D models of electronic components in Fusion 360 to be associated with footprints in Eagle
    • Gain a complete understanding of how to utilize the integrated IPC-compliant calculator to build electronic components
    • Learn the necessary steps to build a collaboration platform between the electrical and mechanical engineers