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Industry Talk / London 2019
Drawingless Design and Production in a €1.2BN Infrastructure ALL-IN-BIM Project
How and why to conduct drawingless design and production in large scale construction projects. Get an AHA experience about new ways to work in big projects by all-in-focus on 3D models and BIM data deliverables instead of drawings - to achieve an unbroken flow of digital information. A real example from Sweden's most ambitious BIM-project Slussen in Stockholm. The audience will also learn how to get around all obstacles with old school conservative decision-makers to get the vision to reality. This session will describe why we had to decide to get a zero-tolerance on drawings and how to get a 500 person team to get on board and work in a new digital way in our most conservative industry. I will also show what kind of sharp digital deliverables we are producing for the contractor instead of drawings. This will include information models (BIM), surveying models and models for machine guidance (CAD), 4D sequencing models (NWD), bills of quantity for procurement, technical documents, model specifications, synchronized external BIM databases and Model Views as e-optimised PDF packages (Not regular drawings with measurements). In total 10 different information carriers but NO drawings at all. We will also show how the new deliverables will be used by reviewers and the contractor (Skanska). That will include reviewing in VR with HTC Vive. I will also share my experiences how to use technologies like BIM 360 Collaboration for Revit (CFR) and the use of laser scanned and drone captured existing conditions. The presentation will also reveal how to get around all obstacles with old school conservative decision makers - that kind of information that all digital- and BIM Managers will value a lot. This Project is one of a kind so far - at least in Europe.
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