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Let’s talk about Data!

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    Hear from customers and Autodesk about how Forge Data is solving problems! In this panel session, we will have several experts sharing thoughts about how Forge Data is being used in various industries to tackle tough problems. From sustainability initiatives to solving problems in AEC and Manufacturing spaces. With the introduction of Forge Model Derivative services several years ago, we have seen new solutions to old problems emerge. This centralized access to design data via the cloud has driven many customer-centric workflows. We will discuss these workflows, talk about some new workflows being enabled by Fusion Data and Data Exchanges, and also answer questions about the future of cloud information models being developed by Autodesk. We will have three customers and two Autodesk experts on hand to bring to light the power of the platform!

    Key Learnings

    • Hear experts describing how powerful data coming from the Forge platform is to solving todays problems
    • Hear a customer’s perspective on how data can help sustainability initiatives at design time
    • Hear from one customer using Fusion Data to build efficient bill of materials from design data, simplifying the process
    • Have questions answered about the future of the Forge Data platform from Autodesk experts