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Forge Configurator for Construction Manufacturing Assemblies

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    With Revit and Forge, we successfully developed and deployed a Configurator that enables clients to configure and order assemblies from our manufacturing facilities to be delivered straight to the job site for installation. This allows project managers to know exactly what will be delivered and gives them an option to order assemblies straight from their mobile devices—safe in the knowledge that what is delivered will be exactly what they ordered. In this class, we’ll take a look at the Configurator that we built and talk through various aspects that were important to consider when developing it; including the difficulty in flexing geometry by using isolation techniques, showing packs of items with different quantities using THREE.js to duplicate the geometry and data, setting axes of rotation to allow for better interaction, and showing custom dimensions by default that user feedback requested.

    Key Learnings

    • Create a basic assembly configurator with adjustable configuration
    • Design a model translation workflow to update the configurator model
    • Develop an extension that allows for custom user interaction in the Forge Viewer
    • Understand current challenges in flexing configurator models and options available to enhance configuration behavior.