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Introducing the Future of CAD - Forge HFDM and the Forge App Framework

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    The design and engineering world is about to go through a major disruption from single user focused, file based "monolithic", hard to learn, desktop CAD to deeply collaborative, highly tailored, and simple to use "database on the cloud" CAD experiences.These workflows will be enabled by the Forge High Frequency Data Management (HFDM) SDK and Forge IDX - the tools Autodesk is using to build next generation products such as Quantum and Fusion Web.

    HFDM puts data at the center of Forge application development, enabling developers to build rich and collaborative, data-centric applications and reactive systems at scale. The Forge HFDM data service is a central hub that stores and communicates rapidly changing data between different clients, apps, and connected services while keeping all users in sync. We will show examples of what you can build with HFDM and discuss core architectural concepts and practices, highlighting customer value and benefits.

    Forge IDX is a next generation cloud application leveraging HFDM, that lets you easily build rich, collaborative, and smart applications and services using the latest Autodesk technologies. IDX integrates environments for design, development, and publishing, while making it easy for multidisciplinary teams to work together.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to deliver sophisticated workflows designed for teams and multiphase projects
    • Learn how to create multiple representations of shared data for multirole workflows
    • Learn how to build extensible and scalable data-centered systems
    • Learn how to extend your app with Forge High-Frequency Data Management