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Powering the Future of CAD with the Forge High Frequency Data Management and App Framework

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    The design and engineering world is about to go through a major disruption from single user focused, file based "monolithic", hard to learn, desktop CAD to deeply collaborative, highly tailored, and simple to use "database on the cloud" CAD experiences. These workflows will be enabled by the Forge High Frequency Data Management (HFDM) SDK and Forge App Framework - the tools Autodesk is using to build next generation products such as Quantum and Fusion Web. <br /><br />In this class, the architects building this next generation platform will explain the goals and architect for the Forge High Frequency Data Management and App Framework platform. Not only will you get a sneak peek at the technology that will power the future of the Forge platform; but you will also gain a clear understanding of the workflows and business challenges this platform is intended to address, and how the platformed is architected to do so. The presentation will include demonstrations of prototype applications.<br /><br />(Joint AU/Forge DevCon class)

    Key Learnings

    • Understand concepts behind reactive applications using Forge High-Frequency Data Management.
    • See examples of prototypes, such as 3D configurators, built using the Forge App Framework.
    • Get a sneak preview of the future of the Forge platform.
    • Learn how the App Framework and High-Frequency Data Management APIs are used to build applications and experiences.