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Lean and BIM Design and Construction of Bergen Academy of Art and Design

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    The project has been a full lean–Building Information Modeling (BIM) project, using Revit Server application and industry foundation classes (IFC). Both landscape and architect (Snøhetta) and structural and technical design (Rambøll) have been working in Revit software “live” with Revit Server application across the country. There has been interdisciplinary checking with IFC and Solibri. The project has been managed using lean methodology and working both on shared models using Revit Server and also virtual design and construction (VDC) / Integrated Concurrent Engineering (ICE). The design methodology criteria was to provide models for lean construction with limited use of paper drawings and just-in-time principles at building site. The Norwegian Building Authority is the project owner and driver of expectations to utilize lean principles in the 3 phases of planning, design, and construction. The entire design group has been taught lean principles by Porsche Consulting in Germany. The class will cover experiences from all 3 project phases; explain success stories, challenges, and constructive learning points for collaboration; review “zero-failure methodology”; and more. This session features Revit. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the benefits of lean in planning, design, and construction
    • Discover the benefits of zero-failure methodology
    • Learn the benefits of shared-goal collaboration
    • Learn the benefits of using IFC and multidisciplinary checking