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Laser Scanning: Enhancing Productivity and Quality in Construction Management

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    This class will dive deep into how laser scanning is taking construction management into a new orbit. We will use Real-life case studies to demonstrate the use of laser scanning for the following: defection monitoring of structures; virtual erection of structural elements; deviation analysis of structures and systems; leveling and alignments; coordinate extraction and as-built management; cut-out management; progress monitoring; quantity surveying; and construction inspection. Innovations in the use of laser scanning is bringing a shift in construction management. The class will discuss case studies for each of the benefits mentioned above—how it is improving quality, reducing rework, lowering costs, improve site safety and time, and dramatically improving construction quality.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the use of laser for structural erection and alignments.
    • Learn how to effectively use laser for different stages of construction and materials management.
    • Learn how to use a laser for progress monitoring and quantity surveying.
    • Learn how to laser scan for paper-less inspections and approvals.