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LEANing Coordination

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    Have you ever asked why clash detection is one of the most common terms in regards to BIM and VDC? Every person who has worked on an intelligent model in the past 10 years has more than likely been a part of a clash detection session. Navisworks software finds problems among various types of intelligent models by visually displaying them, and has been adapted by numerous contracting firms as a standard practice for coordination. But how can lean principles be applied to turn clash detection into planned coordination, where little or no clashes exist from the beginning? Rodgers has spent years breaking down the traditional clash process in an attempt to eliminate as much process waste as possible. We will show a systematic approach to discipline coordination and how you can modify it for your project. We’ll also show how the lean practice of pull planning is used in the development of coordination schedules. This lean approach reduces cost and time, leading to an efficient way of approaching the clash detection mentality.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover why the traditional design process gives rise to clashes
    • Identify how lean principles and practices can be applied to the clash detection process
    • Learn how traditional clash-detection software be used in a lean thought process
    • Discover how last planner methodology can be applied to the coordination schedule