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Jumpstart Your Project: Cutting Edge Imagery Workflows with AI and 3D

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    Learn how high-resolution imagery products like True Ortho imagery, 3D textured mesh, 3D point clouds, and DSM/DTM can set the stage for designing the built environment, provide site-wide content at any scale, and help jumpstart any project. AI and machine learning help identify and extract raster and vector features that give context to the design. These AI features can include building footprints, impervious surfaces, vegetation levels, infrastructure locations, pavement markings, and more. These powerful datasets can be used as the source data for your design or can be further leveraged to create additional content like linear feature extraction, surfaces, contours, and 2D/3D project visualizations.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to leverage modern 2D and 3D imagery and AI products to jumpstart your project
    • Understand how AI and Machine Learning data can provide valuable context for your design