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It’s All in the Data: Visualizing Clash Metrics with Navisworks and Power BI
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This class is for individuals involved in design and construction seeking to use BIM coordination clash data. The workflow presented aims to facilitate instant clash metrics reporting and make model data meaningful and accessible for various project stakeholders using Navisworks software and Microsoft Power BI. We will focus on various elements in the workflow that include general clash test setup in Clash Detective, managing clash status and flow of changes throughout the coordination process, and exporting Clash Detective data with a custom plug-in using Navisworks API. Then, we will demonstrate how to use the exported data to visualize custom clash metrics in Microsoft Power BI and its effectiveness in strategizing BIM coordination and communication.

Key Learnings

  • Discover tools to develop workflows for clash metrics reports and general data visualization
  • Learn how to extend Navisworks Manage knowledge beyond standard Navisworks reporting tools and utilize full feature capabilities
  • Learn how to asses which properties in Navisworks are essential for producing data visuals
  • Learn how to improve Navisworks clash data organization and management for data visual reporting creation



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