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Introduction to Esri’s ArcGIS for AutoCAD

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    This session is an introduction to Esri’s ArcGIS for AutoCAD software. You’ll learn how this free AutoCAD plug-in lets you easily discover and add geographic information system (GIS) content to your AutoCAD drawings. Add and query complete GIS maps within AutoCAD. Connect to GIS data sets for reference and editing. See how ArcGIS for AutoCAD can help you generate GIS-ready content and streamline interoperability between your ArcGIS Desktop and AutoCAD users.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to find, install, and invoke the ArcGIS for AutoCAD application
    • Discover workflows to repurpose your existing CAD drawings as attributed GIS content
    • Discover and add GIS data that enhances your understanding of the existing condition to make more-informed design decisions
    • Learn how to use your CAD resources to extend your GIS editing capabilities, while providing those users with a timely GIS context