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Innovations in VR/AR,  Revolutionize your development process

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    Virtual Reality and Artificial Reality are revolutionizing the development process. Learn how major VR/AR innovation platforms currently available from Autodesk, WorldViz, Nvidia and Lenovo can help you solve major design/development problems and bring real value to your business.  Architecture Engineering & Construction, Manufacturing, and Automotive are just some of the industries experiencing the most exciting shift in the design process in over a decade.  Listen to our experts from all 4 companies talk about Autodesk applications and implementations, AR/VR solutions from WorldViz, visualization technology from Nvidia, and hardware innovation from Lenovo in an engaging question and answer session.   Excellent opportunity to learn more about this rapidly changing technology and what you need to do to stay competitive.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about Autodesk applications in VR/AR
    • Learn how businesses are implementing VR/AR
    • Learn hardware requirements for VR/AR implementation
    • Learn how VR/AR is applicable in your industry