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InfraWorks—Bringing Your Bridge Project to Life: InfraWorks with Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS

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    This session will walk through a typical bridge-layout transportation project that lets you connect geographic information system (GIS) data in a more seamless manner to your intelligent design model in InfraWorks workflow using InfraWorks software, AutoCAD Civil 3D software, Revit software, and Structural Bridge Design software.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how you can use InfraWorks and the ArcGIS Connector to access data in the context of real-world transportation projects
    • Learn how to efficiently move data from InfraWorks and the ArcGIS Connector into AutoCAD Civil 3D and Revit for design
    • Learn how to convert a component road into a bridge—also learn how to lay out a bridge from scratch
    • Learn how to use the analysis tool for roads and bridges