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Industry Panel: Forge, Connected Data, Machine Learning, and Predictive Insights

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    Machine learning is revolutionizing the construction process both on the jobsite and at the desk. Products like Construction IQ, BuildingConnected,, HoloBuilder, and Versatile help customers predict and prevent risks in real time on construction jobsites and in the office by using data and applying machine learning to it. Forge plays a key role in connecting all these solutions into a seamless network for construction industry. Come and learn from the development leads of these innovative applications about how their applications are using machine learning to improve industry workflows while they discuss best practices, challenges, and future opportunities. You’ll have an opportunity to interact with these leaders and ask your questions.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how machine learning is being used on construction jobsites
    • Discover the benefits of uncovering risk early on jobsites
    • Discover tools and techniques to extract learnings from project data
    • Learn about best practices and common pitfalls of using assistive AI