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Increase Your BIM Workflow Productivity and Quality Using Vault Custom Applications

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    This session will focus on automation of BIM (Building Information Modeling) processes using data management systems and custom applications. The speaker will present the experience in optimizing and automating BIM workflow processes in infrastructure projects. He will share experience on smooth integration of Vault software in a current BIM workflow and existing systems. He will share the list of custom application and his experience of how Vault can have an important role in time-saving and quality improvement. The session will also include a discussion on how to incorporate all project parts in Vault, including customers and subcontractors.

    Key Learnings

    • Find out how to automate BIM processes using Vault and JOB servers
    • Learn how Vault custom applications can expand your possibilities
    • Understand how Vault can be integrated with other systems
    • Learn how to share your projects with external partners and ensure project quality