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Improving Construction Operations with Reality Mapping using GIS and BIM

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    Join PCL and Esri to learn about PCL's innovative digital transformation of their construction processes. PCL is leveraging reality capture, GIS technology from Esri, and BIM from Autodesk to revolutionize project planning and execution. In this session, you will explore how this approach is being applied to PCL's largest buildings project, a $2B hospital in Vancouver, Canada, as well as how this project helped PCL directly improve project planning by using current and accurate site data to confidently manage excavation, site logistics, and trade coordination. Don't miss this opportunity to see how PCL is leading the way in the construction industry's digital transformation.

    Key Learnings

    • 1. Leverage spatial data to improve construction planning
    • 2. Solve complex design vs construction problems or conflicts by matching reality with BIM design and GIS data
    • Transform traditional survey processes with reliable spatial data to save real-time costs
    • 4. Monitor project progress for lower overall costs