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IFC Technical Overview and Survey of Autodesk Products, Including Revit 2017

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    The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) for Revit software schema and its related Model View Definitions are finally starting to be adopted across the industry. This class will start with a technical overview of IFC itself, with an emphasis on the new IFC for Revit schema and the new Model View Definitions (MVD) associated with it. We will look at the changes made to the schema since last year, and examine Revit software’s progress in its IFC for Revit certification. We will then take a high-level look at how IFC is supported across the 2017 Autodesk, Inc., products, focusing on Autodesk products that are capitalizing internally on Revit software’s IFC open-source capability. Next, we will take a closer look at Revit software's use of IFC, and attempt to understand the options available when using IFC in Revit software, what they mean, and when you might use them. Finally, the class will look at, but not emphasize, Revit 2017 IFC open-source .NET code and the associated Revit API. This session features Revit and Inventor Professional. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Explore the general structure of the IFC file format, with an emphasis on understanding the IFC for Revit schema, its Model View Definitions, and the buildingSMART certification process
    • Discover what's included in Revit 2017 software for IFC support, and which other Autodesk products use IFC
    • Gain an understanding of the options available when using IFC in Revit—what they mean, and when you might use them
    • Study the overall design of the Revit software IFC open-source code and learn how to make simple changes to the code