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How to deliver hi-performance Cloud workstations and data on Azure to users anywhere

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    How much do you know about cloud workstations? Have you tried virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for your remote BIM users? If you’re familiar with VDI or have tried it, you know the performance isn’t great for power users and the complexity of maintaining VDI is unsustainable for IT. With cloud workstations, all that has changed. A panel of technology visionaries includes AEC experts Andy Knauf, CIO of design/build firm Mead & Hunt and Israel Sumano, Senior Director of Infrastructure Services at MEP firm Southland Industries. Joining them is cloud computing expert Harry Labana, Chief Customer Officer for Workspot. They’ll share the collective wisdom they’ve accrued through deep, hands-on experience with virtualization technologies and how cloud workstations are transforming the AEC industry. Join us to learn more about how industry-leading AEC firms are using cloud workstations to deliver outstanding performance, strengthen IT security, and simplify joint venture projects.

    Key Learnings

    • How to deploy Windows 10 GPU Workstations and CAD Applications with Workspot on 54+ regions of Azure
    • How to setup your Workstations and data on Azure to outperform local physical workstations
    • Understand the cloud platform performance across many different types of CAD apps (single-threaded, multi-threaded, GPU)
    • Business agility benefits from moving from on-prem to cloud (CapEx to OpEx subscription, no office required, work anywhere)