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How to become a facilitator of collaboration in the construction industry

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    We have been taught how to create models, how models can be appended together to make an entire building including its building services, but how we work together has often been miss interpreted. Do we simply all design in the same environment and say that's collaboration? Or can we go beyond this? In this session, not only do we discuss how you can engage with each other we inspire you to become the facilitator of change. We have taught a number of Owner / Developers how to feel empowered, embrace the change in to virtual design and now facilitate it's use on their next project. True collaboration through BIM's should be directed from the top, expectations set and met. Efficiency driven with the end in mind. With a facilitator driving everyone forward from the beginning of the project - we have structure.

    Key Learnings

    • Become a facilitator for virtual collaboration on your next project
    • Decrease design changes through the use virtual review meeting practices
    • Strengthen your project team through collaboration and partnership
    • Inspire your internal & external teams to think beyond their own obligations