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How to Handle Hundreds of Projects in BIM 360 and Integrate into ERP

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    Building hundreds of single-family homes is a challenge impossible to tackle without the help of a well-integrated IT infrastructure. Therefore, we took BIM 360 software into the heart of our Enterprise Resource Planning (Microsoft Dynamics NAV) and helped our different departments thrive in accomplishing their tasks. Out of our fully integrated construction chain, we will show the window procurement, installation, and repair procedure as an example of how to interact with the BIM 360 model in our ERP, and how to exchange data instantly between the ERP and BIM 360. As the access permissions settings were defined already in our ERP, Forge gave us the possibility to sync the security settings for hundreds of projects and stakeholders instantly.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how to use BIM 360 for numerous projects
    • Discover how Forge can replicate your existing project data to BIM 360
    • Understand how easy an integration can be
    • Understand what an integration brings you