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How to Gain Superintendent Involvement with Your Quality-Management Tool
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The superintendent is historically the last technology implementer, whether we’re talking laptops, email, smartphones, or the now hot topic of quality management on iPads. Yet, superintendents are the management roles closest to the actual work in place. They are the people who know immediately what material is on-site, what work is in place, and what quality issues need to be addressed. This discussion will explore the project-site challenge of changing the field culture to using the Autodesk field technology to document and manage risk. We’ll also share best practices for rolling out to superintendents and showing the most immediate benefits to superintendents specifically.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the challenge of changing the superintendent use of a quality management tool
  • Learn about the best practices of rolling out the tool to superintendents
  • Discover the learned lessons of best benefits of the tool for superintendents
  • Learn from the leaned lessons of the best field applications for a superintendent



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