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How to Create 3D Digital Cities Using Drones

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    Learn how to effectively create 3D digital cities that comply with CityGML standards using the data captured and obtained from drones with 3DS Max software, ReCap software, and AutoCAD software. We'll demonstrate real case studies of implemented digital cities developed for international clients in the Middle East. Learn which Autodesk tools we used that have already been implemented in multiple projects across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by FalconViz. This class will help you build an effective and reliable workflow for converting drone-captured data into an interactive digital city.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to evaluate different digital city types and select the best one for your project
    • Learn a best practice for creating digital cities from drone-captured data
    • Learn how to implement an effective workflow for big-city projects
    • Learn how to apply quality checks on the generated models and make sure that they capture the reality