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How to Connect AutoCAD Civil 3D with Revit to Have BIM for Infrastructure Project

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    Come and discover different ways to use AutoCAD Civil 3D models to interact with Revit software to generate Building Information Modeling (BIM) for infrastructure projects. With a mandate to deliver BIM projects or to federate projects in Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), let's discover the ways to achieve the expected results. We'll see how Dynamo software will help our communication workflows between AutoCAD Civil 3D and Revit.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to prepare AutoCAD Civil 3D project elements to be exported to Revit
    • Learn how to create Revit elements from AutoCAD Civil 3D elements and insert them on the Revit project
    • Learn how to use Dynamo to create elements in Revit drive by AutoCAD Civil 3D data
    • Learn how to have a full BIM project using AutoCAD Civil 3D and Revit, in a data-centered environment