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Having a Blast with Dynamo and Revit

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    Using a combination of the Dynamo extension and the Revit API (as well as in-house software) to analyze a structure subjected to blast loads, we can enable our engineers to visualize how a curtain wall will behave under the prescribed conditions. In this class we will provide an overview of blast analysis and the workflow we have developed within the Revit and Dynamo environment. You will learn how to use the Revit and Dynamo APIs to extract geometric data from a Revit model, parse the data for blast analysis, and then generate views to render the analysis visualizations. Along the way, attendees will learn proper Revit API coding practices, the Revit Analysis Visualization Framework, and the Zero Touch Plugin Development workflow for developing custom Dynamo nodes.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand Blast Analysis Concepts and Methods
    • Understand Extraction of Geometric Data Using the Revit API and Proper API Coding Practices
    • Understand the Revit API Analysis Visualization Framework
    • Understand the Dynamo Environment