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Have You Ever Gotten VR from Your Model in 30 Minutes? Tenova Does It—Learn How

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    This class will outline the real case study of virtual reality (VR) technology adoption by Tenova, an industrial machinery company for mining and metals, supported by Autodesk Consulting. After a brief introduction to Tenova and the project’s background, attendees will see activities run by Autodesk Consulting and Tenova to lead to the adoption of a tailored process for using VR for design review and visualization. The audience will see the workflow implemented, and they’ll learn the process to use 3ds Max software and 3ds Max Interactive to navigate a Filmbox file with Live Viewer. Come and learn the best practices to follow for VR.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use a VR environment for design review purpose
    • Discover how to adopt VR in your business processes
    • Gain an overview of the VR workflow implemented for Tenova (3ds Max and 3ds Max Interactive)
    • Learn how to optimize models using 3ds Max, and use 3ds Max interactive to package VR using Live Viewer