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Going for Gold: Using Point Clouds and Navisworks to Build the US Olympic Museum

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    The unique form of the United States Olympic Museum requires a higher level of coordination between structure, framing, and skin than do most projects. An intense effort went into the detailing, constructability analysis, and fabrication of more than 9,000 unique metal panels. Quality assurance during construction is critical to allow for prefabrication and ensure everything fits together as anticipated, especially given the minimal tolerances required. With models coming from numerous platforms, Navisworks software has been used extensively to view the composite model and work through potential issues between trades. As stages of construction complete, a series of laser scans are being done to as-built conditions of the previous work sequence and to coordinate potential modifications to future work sequences required to work our way back to the final design surface. This process continues to evolve as construction progresses and we take advantage of lessons learned during installation.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use Navisworks to view composite models from numerous platforms
    • Learn how to integrate point clouds to analyze as-built conditions that impact future installations
    • Learn how to establish a workflow that effectively utilizes reality capture
    • Learn how to develop an effective integrated work plan for quality control in the field