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Going Beyond Maintenance: BIM 360 Ops for the Krause Gateway Center

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    Krause Gateway Center is the headquarters of the businesses of Krause Group and is located in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. The building opened its doors to Krause Group associates in November 2018. Krause and Baker Group collaboratively selected BIM 360 Ops software as the maintenance management software for this innovative and unique building. Baker Group has worked with the BIM 360 Ops team to go beyond just the standard ticketing and building maintenance process. During this session, we’ll cover the integration of indoor mapping, sensor alerts, and interaction of existing work processes that have evolved throughout the last two years. We’ll also discuss lessons learned and steps taken to streamline the BIM 360 Ops workflow, including working sessions discussion with the facilities team, interaction with the building technicians, and the modification of the workflow to meet the needs of a highly collaborative work environment.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the valuable lessons learned over the last two years of operation and moving beyond the ticketing process.
    • Discover critical questions to ask facilities teams that focus on essential building data for critical decision making.
    • Learn how to work with clients to define what they need for their specific facilities management team.
    • Discuss the value that BIM 360 Ops can bring to a facilities staff with Indoor Maps and Building Sensors.