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Giant Steps: Advances in Seamless BIM, CAD, and GIS Integration

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    Learn from the Product Managers how the Autodesk and Esri partnership is advancing design and GIS collaboration that benefits the AEC and Owner Operators. The intersection of BIM, CAD, and GIS provides incredible insights to enhance project delivery at every level. The functionality between Autodesk and Esri desktops, and collaborative web applications like ArcGIS GeoBIM are improving workflows and transparency for project teams. The improvements in direct support for RVT, DWG, and IFC in ArcGIS Pro, and support for hosted GIS feature service in Civil3D, Infraworks, Map3D, and AutoCAD help bring together design and GIS data. The direct cloud connection between the Autodesk Construction Cloud and ArcGIS Online/Enterprise offers exponential benefits to help manage the project content for stakeholders. The ability to publish Autodesk data directly to ArcGIS Online/Enterprise for use in shared web and field applications expands the value of the data far beyond the design professionals.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the power of the Autodesk and Esri partnership to streamline your project and support your Digital Twin.
    • Understand the enhanced capabilities of leveraging, publishing, and maintaining GIS content from the Autodesk desktop.
    • Learn how to reveal additional value from your BIM and CAD data and set the stage for ArcGIS GeoBIM applications.
    • Understand how ArcGIS GeoBIM can help you to better manage your project.