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Getting Started with Dynamo for Civil 3D: A Beginner’s Guide

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    Do you love the dynamic relationships of Civil 3D object data, but still find yourself zoning out after a few minutes of doing a repetitive task? Using basic but logical math computations, we can visually arrange functions or nodes, and use Dynamo to automate many tasks that are required as part of any infrastructure project. A Dynamo script can be the missing dynamic link between AutoCAD objects and Civil 3D objects, should the alignment change, AutoCAD blocks placed along the alignment can be automatically updated. In this session, we’ll explore why Dynamo has gained popularity among Revit users, and how to benefit from it in our Civil 3D workflows. We’ll explore the Dynamo interface, and the fundamental concepts to getting started creating your first logical graph to execute geometry driven by data.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to navigate the Dynamo Interface, browse the node library, and use general graph management best practices
    • Learn how to break down the intended end goal into individual computational tasks
    • Learn about the input, process, and output of frequently used nodes, and distinguish between different data and geometry types
    • Discover a handful of practical uses for Dynamo in Civil 3D