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Getting BIM into the Field
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This class will focus on the acronym CREW, which has four keys areas of bringing BIM (Building Information Modeling) and virtual design and construction (VDC) to the field teams. BIM/VDC has been established with our teams in the jobsite trailers, but getting it to the people in the field has always been a struggle. We’ll focus on what’s been helpful for our teams so that you can use the same lessons with your teams. The four areas of CREW are the following: collaborate, research, engage, and work. Taking from what we’ve learned in our process, we’ll go through the different steps, discuss the pieces that usually get missed, and expand on the areas that were helpful and successful. Join me so that all of our field teams can step into fully embracing how BIM/VDC can improve their lives and help them be more successful.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the areas that break down for our field teams to use BIM on the job
  • Learn about how the CREW acronym can be a workflow for bringing BIM to the field teams
  • Learn about who needs to be involved in the workflow to make it a reality for the field teams
  • Learn about the pitfalls and how to be successful with implementing CREW with your project teams



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