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Generative Design for Sustainability: Reducing Impact and Optimizing Your Workflow

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    As automation and augmentation begin to define our future work, this talk will address how Autodesk Generative Design tools can be used today, to reduce the impact of design and manufacturing and optimize a range of workflows. Generative Design tools can help makers create more, better, and with reduced use of resources, energy, and time. We will introduce the conceptual framework of sustainability, including key metrics and strategies to evaluate optimization. We will explore the alignment of sustainability goals with Autodesk’s range of products, to enable makers to make more-conscious, more-informed decisions addressing the sustainability of their creations. Attendees will develop awareness of core competencies of Generative Design tools in Fusion 360 to analyze product-development workflows, identify key design and manufacturing constraints for example projects, and become knowledgeable about generative-design optimization to reduce material and resource usage.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to identify, connect, and actualize core competencies of Generative Design tools in Fusion 360
    • Conceptualize a sustainability framework to identify and define the key design-plus-manufacturing constraints of your workflow and areas for resource optimization
    • Learn how to make conscious, informed decisions about the sustainability of your creations using Autodesk products
    • Develop your awareness of generative design tools embedded within Autodesk products to reduce material and resource usage, and optimize your workflows