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Future of Project Risk Management for GCs [Showcasing a Real Project Story]

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    With the advent of machine learning and advances of technology adoption in the construction industry, the bar is moving higher for general contractors; as a general contractor, you must make sure you stay abreast of recent advances and are well positioned to capitalize on data for managing risk. In this class, using a case study, we will go over the following: how the next-generation BIM 360 platform is designed to create a single source of truth for the lifecycle of projects and a storage for all data in one place where a general contractor can use different solutions in a connected manner; and how Autodesk is going to take it a step further and by Project IQ, make the platform the source of intelligence through the project.Regional quality director from Swinerton, Project manager from Layton, and Technical Deployment Specialist from Bam will then talk from their perspectives about their experience on adoption of BIM 360 to capitalize on data to manage risk and make decisions, and how they feel the platform is transforming their day-to-day job and productivity.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn best practices for deploying next-generation BIM 360 platform on your next project to maximize your advantage from data and capitalize on machine learning to reduce risk in decision making
    • Discover from industry leaders and early adopters the value of having a platform as a single source of truth and intelligence
    • Gain an overview of the future of project risk management for general contractors
    • Learn how next-generation BIM 360 was successfully used in a project