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Future of Making Things in Factory Design: Reality Capture, 3D Printing, and Virtual Reality

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    In this session, we'll cover a complete workflow based solely on Autodesk technology, from process planning to 2D-3D layout and 4D timeline management. Then we'll bring you into the virtual factory experience, meaning that you can experience the factory as if it was built already. Finally, we'll present the advanced manufacturing technologies for the factory of the future-technologies that are available today. At the end of the session, you'll understand how to set up integrated factory workflows, and you'll know the importance of process planning and the integration of an "as build" situation-which is very common and useful for avoiding collisions. Additionally, you'll know how to use virtual reality solutions to communicate the entire plan with stakeholders, and you'll understand how smart manufacturing is paving the way for agile manufacturing.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up integrated factory workflows
    • Learn how to work with reality capture in a factory-layout workflow
    • Learn how to use Virtual Reality Solutions to communicate with stakeholders and customers
    • Understand how smart manufacturing is paving the way to agile manufacturing