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Fusion Lifecycle and Vault: The Synergy

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    Learn how to increase efficiency in your development process by implementing Vault software and Fusion Lifecycle software. In this class, you will hear about the journey Reynaers Aluminium took to move from its old product data management (PDM) system to a fully integrated solution: CAD, PDM, PLM (product lifecycle management), and enterprise resource planning (ERP). You will learn about the how and why behind our architecture and the lessons learned during implementation. Get insight into the place PDM and PLM have in our organization today, how they are connected with other core databases, and what our further digitalization road map looks like. Also discover how Fusion Lifecycle offers article lifecycle management as well as full project management by streamlining our NPI (new product introduction) flow. All project phases are implemented into Fusion Lifecyle, including a customized project management tab to enable real project planning. Integrating Fusion Lifecycle with Vault creates one common platform, resulting in an efficient way of collaboration as well as a single source of truth across the company.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to develop an environment where Fusion 360 and Vault work as complementary tools.
    • Learn how to employ Fusion 360 to follow up on your projects and product lifecycle, and use Vault as the project-related document management platform.
    • Learn how to create methods and best practices to link both Fusion 360 and Vault, to use workflows, ECOs, and more.
    • Learn how to transfer this knowledge and experience to your own working environment.