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Functional Dashboards for Project Management Using Forge

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    The amount of information collected in BIM 360 software can be overwhelming, and finding connections between data that can lead to project insight is not always easy. However, thanks to the flexibility of the Forge API and its seamless communication with BIM 360, it’s now possible to connect information systems that highlight important data and enable better-informed decisions. Attendees will start by understanding the basic setup of a functional Forge-powered information dashboard. We’ll then go through some of the main opportunities to connect information and discuss how to make the most out of the outcomes. We’ll work using practical examples that provide tangible benefits to the project. In the end, we’ll review how to find the required information in BIM 360, what it means, and where to start connecting it using the Forge platform’s Data Management API.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create information layouts for better decision making using BIM 360 data
    • Learn how to combine Forge modules to link visual reference with project data
    • Learn how to use the information in BIM 360 Docs for risk analysis
    • Learn how to track BIM 360 project performance on a daily basis