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From Revit to Real-Time Rendering

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    This class is aimed at architects and visualization professionals interested in learning more about the pipeline, best practices, and tips and tricks for getting a building information modeling (BIM) data set prepped for use in a real-time game engine. The majority of this class will revolve around work done in 3ds Max software, where we'll import a Revit architectural data set, clean and organize the model, set up initial shaders and lighting, and finally export the model for use in a real-time environment. We'll then bring the prepared data set into Unreal Engine, showing the import process. We'll explore how geometry, materiality, and lighting information is translated. And we'll show the process for making future updates to the original data set in 3ds Max, and demonstrate how to seamlessly translate these changes back to Unreal Engine.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to confidently and efficiently prepare an intelligent model for use in a real-time environment.
    • Learn how to assess a complex data set and how to organize and clean the model to be better optimized for real-time use.
    • Learn how to identify and troubleshoot potential problem areas with the model.
    • Learn how to integrate a real-time rendering workflow into your design process.