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Formulating Fabrication and Design Craft-Building Assembly and Component Fabrication

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    Dynamic shifts have emerged in the digital realm of building design and physical methods of off-site fabrication. Buildings are increasingly manufactured/assembled rather than constructed/crafted. This class will present these digital procedures for modelling buildings in Revit whilst simultaneously assembling and managing your building components through Dynamo and into Inventor for fabrication. This entails navigating a hierarchy of linked/nested Revit models, families, and formulas; aligning the design BIM with detailed fabrication models in Inventor. Dynamo will be applied as a tool to automate, annotate, and design the building layout with assembled components. Orchestrate the building model, drawing sets, and work instructions in Revit alongside Dynamo to lay out building components, visualise building data, component relationships, and simultaneously assemble Revit components for building site context, component assembly in factory layout, and final modules in transportation.

    Key Learnings

    • Manage a network of linked and nested Revit files for repeating modular components
    • Overlay Inventor parts and Revit families for simultaneous building documentation and fabrication
    • Use Revit for building design, orchestrate drawing sets and work instructions alongside Dynamo to visualise building data
    • Use Dynamo to assemble Revit components for building (site context), components (factory layout) and modules (transportation)