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Firestop BIM Services at The Hospital of the Future

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    Everything you need to know about BIM and firestop within a large project. How to design, coordinate and maintain firestop locations. This case study will showcase Hilti’s BIM Services at the PennFIRST Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. We partnered with the customer to improve their workflows and allow the installation process to match the BIM model. Before this, the customer had no way of tracking the product usage and productivity until the end of the project. With such a large IPD project, the customer wanted a new approach to their processes. We have provided services that include modeling the firestop locations based on the UL System matrix, uploading the model to BIM360 Glue, annotating the locations by floor and producing shop drawings. Attendees will gain the knowledge of a growing standard of care in the construction industry.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe ways to improve workflows for installing firestop from BIM model
    • Services provided for BIM modeling and Shop Drawings
    • Install firestop faster and more accurate
    • 4. Match their sleeve drawings to the BIM model and firestop purchased.