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Field data - the black hole in bringing planning and construction execution together

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    Digitization is potent in AEC planning. Construction execution though is non-standardized as individuals work experience-driven without any real approach so far for a systematic plan-do-check-act methodology. Closing the gap between planning and execution via IoT and field software has a two-fold benefit: first it increases productivity and happiness in the field by clear focus and automation of standard tasks such as reports but more importantly this data can feed BIM and planning representatives with insights on how to optimize within and beyond the single project. We would like to discuss the possibilities in the Autodesk community on what could be achieved by bringing our field data closer to the experts of the Autodesk planning tools to have a seamless team work of software users and construction execution colleagues in the future.

    Key Learnings

    • Acquire relevant field data for improved planning, calculation and execution monitoring
    • Have a more data-rich digital as-built twin
    • Increase acceptance of proper BIM planning at the construction execution teams
    • See productivity relevant decision in construction planning