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The Factory of the Future: The Industry 4.0 Reference Factory

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    The Factory of the Future provides an answer to the question: What does our factory signify? Based on an international survey among 700 participants, we will present current challenges and changing requirements in the factory of the future. From a research point of view, we will evaluate the challenges and present solutions for each challenge. We will present the following technologies: smart robots, human-robot collaboration, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, production simulation, immersive training, integration of the value chain, and decentralization and production steering. We will introduce the example of the e.GO Mobile AG factory—an industry 4.0 reference factory—and present solutions for an integrated digital factory twin. The e.GO factory is a pioneer in the automotive industry, focusing on data-driven use cases to address future challenges. This example will show that the factory of the future is already here today.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the current challenges for the factory of the future
    • Understand the concept of an industry 4.0 factory and its dimensions
    • Learn how to design use cases for your individual production challenges
    • Learn about the road map for a factory of the future