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Roundtable    CI197818-R
Enhance Your Civil 3D Corridor Modeling with Smart Custom Subassemblies
Autodesk University
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This session will focus on optimizing corridor modeling using custom subassemblies. The speaker will reveal how a single subassembly can be applied to different solutions in a variety of situations. We will discuss modeling peculiarities in rocky terrain (rock cut). The speaker will explain how to use Civil 3D software in early bridge designing and model coordination. You learn to make fast and efficient combinations of element classifications system with a Civil 3D model.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how a smart custom subassembly can increase your productivity
  • Find out how to solve various rock cut situations using one subassembly
  • Understand how to use Civil 3D for bridge designing and model coordination
  • Learn how to easily merge the classification system with the Civil 3D model



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