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End-to-end BIM Workflow for Rebar Detailing

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    In recent years, the move from CAD to Building Information Modeling (BIM) has accelerated as BIM workflows have proven to deliver many benefits over CAD. With the rise of BIM, many new capabilities for reinforced concrete design and rebar detailing have been introduced in BIM authoring tools. In this hands-on lab class, you'll learn how to make the most of the reinforcement modeling and detailing tools available in Revit. We'll explore practical examples, ranging from typical building structures to complex structural elements. You'll gain valuable insights into various rebar modeling techniques, including tips and tricks for free-form and shape-driven rebar, as well as area and path reinforcement. Additionally, you'll learn methods for effectively presenting rebar in construction drawings and extracting fabrication data using schedules and tags, leveraging the latest features of Revit 2024.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover tips, tricks, and best practices for the rebar modeling and detailing tools in Revit.
    • Learn how to place rebar, how it reacts to changes of the host or other bars and how to propagate it to similar concrete el
    • Learn how to set up your project for rebar detailing, numbering and techniques for rebar presentation.
    • Learn how to create rebar drawings with fabrication data using bending details in views and schedules.